Wednesday, May 7, 2008

May 7, 2008

Good Morning,

I actually slept really well last night! I'm so happy. Actually drinking SW has helped me so much with reducing my stress level and sleeping. I just have to do my part and be sure to get to bed on time. I'm feeling tons better today though, for that I am deeply grateful.

I'm really looking forward to having a delightful day. Kecia & I have a spec home for sale, we're very hopeful and thinking happy thoughts that we'll have it sold this week for sure! Yeah! That will be a huge blessing in our lives - I can't wait for the economy to improve. But we're blessed to have our current clients we're building for. I love building homes for loving families. We have the greatest clients, they become friends for life! I'll keep you posted on our spec house - it's so beautiful, I really do love it!

I'm so, so excited for school to be out... I can't wait to have my kids home with me. We have tons of fun together, I live for their hugs and kisses. I'm excited for summer in so many ways!

I'm riding my bike right now, I'm almost half way. I'll touch base later this evening with an update of my diet. I'm going to really stay focused on my end result - I'm going to visualize my body as though I have already achieved my fitness goals.

Have a happy day! :)

Today's Diet:
Today was truly such a busy day, I met several amazing people which I introduced to SXinney Water. I truly hope they join my team - I loved each of them and hope to have the opportunity to work with them, we'd have a wonderful time I'm sure...

I prefaced that because my eating was not that great. I went too long between meals, but ate good non the less. And I have to say that before I left home I took a handful of CRave packets with me and had them throughout the day. And at 3:00 pm I realized that I had to eat... I literally was not hungry! It was soooo cool! Anyway, here's what I ate today...

7:00 am SW & CRave, vitamins & protein drink with water (I always eat first thing in the morning to jump start my metabolism.)

12:00 pm 32 oz SW & CRave

3:00 pm Protein bar, 1 orange, SW & CRave

4:30 pm Almonds, 1/2 c cottage cheese & 1/2 yogurt, 32 oz water

6:00 pm Protein bar & SW

10:00 pm SW & CRave, vitamins

I needed more fruit and veggies for sure. But it was such a crazy day that I didn't get home until 9:45 pm! I'm very, very tired... so I'm off to bed. I'll touch base in the morning. Sweet dreams!


To build muscle quickly be sure to eat protein with each and every meal. Be sure to eat a protein, complex carb & veggies for at least 3 of your main meals. Also, to burn fat try not to eat any carbs after 6 pm. Your last meal should consist of protein & veggies. And of course you won't want to forget your SXinney Water and CRave. If you follow these guidelines you'll see great result sooner. Happy eating! :P

Tuesday, May 6, 2008


When eating a clean diet if you happen to 'fall off the wagon' or find yourself sabotaging your efforts, don't get mad at yourself and give up. Just realize that you didn't eat as well as you would've liked for that one meal. Regroup and focus on your goals and then eat clean for the rest of the day. And remember to think positively about yourself. Be sure to drink your SXinney Water and CRave. That will dramatically assist in clearing the cravings for the salty, sugary foods.

May 5, 2008

Hi there!

Well, this morning I woke up very tired... I went to bed way too late and woke up early. Its going to be more difficult to exercise today, but that's okay. I've had my SW and protein drink & vitamins prior to hitting my gym. I already did my cardio, it wasn't as easy as usual. I actually need a lot of sleep, especially when I have a lot going on in my life - like now. I've been really busy lately with my construction company, ZXoom business & horse training - not to mention being a attentive mother & wife. But it's all so good. Life is exciting and full of wonderful experiences. I'll get through today with a positive mindset, good wholesome food and a happy attitude.

My cute husband has been rebuilding his engine in his twin turbo Supra. I love to walk out to his garage and watch him at work. He has one fast car, he does a 1/4 mile in 11 seconds, and that was with his old engine! His new one will be even more powerful. He's really gifted, he's done all the work on it himself! He's been in magazines and people from all over the world contact him for his expertise. He has a professional car lift in his garage, it's pretty cool. I have to say that I'm so grateful spring has finally arrived for good. It's fun to see all the sports cars, convertibles & motorcycles on the road. There's nothing more enjoyable than a bright sunny day. I love this time of year so, so much!

I've already finished my cardio this morning, I did 10 miles. My body's still weak - my chest and head hurt again from lack of sleep - ugh! It was more difficult, but that's okay, I did it! Yeah! And once I get my kids off to school I'll continue my workout by doing lower body weight training. My legs get bulky really easy so I have to do light weights and high reps. Building muscle quickly runs in my family. My brothers are big solid guys naturally, they're very blessed. I'm grateful I love to exercise, but I really do have to be careful not to over train. I like long, lean muscles on women - not big and bulky. In addition to building muscle fast my family also gains weight easily. That's why I really have to eat clean to keep a lean physique. I'm still not yet where I want to be, but I've set my goals and I'm focusing on them daily. I will achieve them very soon, it's a fun journey and I'm learning so much along the way.

I'm going to eat very clean today - just wait and see! I started my day off with my SW, vitamins, protein drink and happy thoughts. It's going to be a wonderful day for sure!

I'll touch base later this evening to report my diet. Have a good one! ;P

Today's Diet:

I did pretty well today, I still could have done better however, but that's okay, tomorrow's a new day - a new beginning.

7:00 am SW (32 oz), vitamins, protein drink (with water), 32 oz of water

10:30 am SW, protein shake with light soy milk, frozen berries & a handful of almonds

1:30 pm Orange, 1/2 c cottage cheese & 1/2 yogurt, SW

4:00 pm Handful of Almonds, cottage cheese & 1/2 yogurt, SW

7:00 pm Chicken breast, 1/2 c brown rice, broccoli & carrots, 32 oz water

9:30 pm 1 c cottage cheese, 1/2 c pineapple & 1/2 yogurt, few almonds

I always need more calories when I'm feeling fatigued. Hopefully I'll feel better in the morning.

I have to say that today was such a great day! The weather was perfect, I visited with my friends and family, and made wonderful new clients. Sigh... life really is so good!

I'll chat with you tomorrow, have a good night.

Monday, May 5, 2008


Positive affirmations will powerfully change your life for the better. Each day say 10 positive attributes about yourself throughout the day. Then extend your love and compliments to your loved ones. And before you know it you'll feel happier and your family will become closer. How great is that! Remember you are the most important person on earth! :)

May 5, 2008

Good Morning!

Today's a great day! The sun is shining, the birds are singing and I actually feel well again - not a 100%, but I'm almost as good as new. I feel well enough to workout again, yeah! I won't be able to do cardio yet, (my chest still hurts) but I can do weights. I'll start with 20 minutes warm up, do upper body weights and I'll end with stretching. I'm really excited to get going.. I'm so grateful for my healthy body.

I have to confess that I didn't eat well at all this weekend...(that's always a bummer.) When I don't feel well I tend to snack a lot. I didn't really eat anything that's unhealthy, I just ate way too often... and that doesn't make for a lean physique. And now I have to make up for what I call 'damage control.' So I've decided that I'm going to keep my diet journal on my blog - how's that for scary! lol. I'll end each day with what I ate and hopefully it will be all good. That will help me reach my fitness goals much more quickly. :) Its amazing how quickly I lose my muscle tone when I don't workout and eat badly. I haven't been able to really workout good and hard for over two weeks... and when I fell off the wagon with my eating that made for a soft cuddly body - no fun. But thankfully I'm back on the wagon and rearing to go! :)

Yesterday was such a fun day. We just relaxed and enjoyed each other all day. We went up to SL to visit my sweet mother-in-law. I'm so proud of her she finished a weight room in her home. When I first saw it I was thrilled! She did such a great job, she as her free weights, bike, TV, and a big mirror - she did it perfectly! She's going to be one fit lady very soon! I love it when my loved ones get into fitness, there's nothing more empowering than feeling healthy, fit & thin! I love it!!!!

This weekend is the first horse show of the season and I haven't been training my horses like I should... I'm trying to decide if I'll just go for it anyway or wait until next month. I love to show my horses, its fun hanging out with people that have the same passions as I do. And my awesome younger brother, Jeff, is my groomer. He goes to all the shows with me, we have a blast together. He's so wonderful!!!! I love him so, so much. And my family loves supporting me, they're my cheerleaders, it means a lot to me to have them at the shows. And to top it off I have to speak at ZXoom's first seminar on Saturday. I'm looking forward to that as well, it will be a lot of fun I'm sure. So I'm going to have another very busy week! But it's all so good!!! :)

Well, my younger children just woke up, my older child is off to school already. I have to say, being a mother is the greatest gift in my life! I love my children more than life!!! What a blessing to have their powerful little spirits teach each day how to be a better person. Children are truly a gift from above. I better go I need to get them ready for school...

Have a fantastic day!

Today's Diet:

I didn't do quite as well as I had hoped, but did well all in all. This is what I had today.

7:00 am Vitamins, 32 oz SKinney Water (SW) & CRave, protein drink (in water)

10:30 am Protein shake with 3/4 cup light soy milk & 3/4 cup frozen berries.
32 oz water, SW

1:00 pm Grapefruit, handful of slivered almonds & a diet 7-Up, SW & CRave

4:00 pm 1/2 cup cottage cheese & 1/2 yogurt, 1 orange, handful of slivered almonds
32 oz water, SW

7:30 pm Taco salad with little meat, cottage cheese, lettuce and 2 tomatoes
32 oz of water, SW

9:00 pm Orange, 32 0z water

So there you have it! I hope to eat better tomorrow, I need more whole foods, lots of veggies and protein.

Saturday, May 3, 2008


Believe in your dreams, dreams really do come true! It's all in the power of your mind. What the mind can conceive the mind can achieve. So Dream Big!:)