Thursday, May 1, 2008

May 1, 2008

Good Morning!

It's May 1st and I woke up to snow!!! No fun! Oh well, at least it won't last. I'm telling you what I'm such a sunshine girl.

Last night was so much fun, I did the LivFit Radio Show with Cori Dyer and her guests. We had such a great time talking about fitness and how Liv SXinney Water is helping us all achieve our fitness & health goals. SXinney Water and CRave are such awesome products. I took the latest CRave (it's double the strength) for the first time the day before yesterday and when I woke up yesterday I felt tighter and leaner - literally!!!! :) I was one happy camper!

Today is another busy day. I have to get Chance to the groomers this morning and I have a bunch of meetings this afternoon both for my ZXoom business and for my Garden Gate Homes company. So it's all good! I really enjoy being active and having my days busy - especially when my children are in school. I'm always home for them both before and after school that's incredibly important to me. I love spending time with my family more than anything in the world. So I have to fit everything into my schedule while they're gone, my afternoons are generally very buys. And I also have to train my horses too to top it all off! That's my therapy time which I look forward to everyday. They're such loving horses, I adore them!

We're building two beautiful custom homes right now for two amazing families. I have to say that I love building so much! The people I meet and the friends I make are gifts from above. I feel honored to work with such wonderful people! My partner, Kecia, and I became friends years ago, it was always our dreams to own a construction company. We're quite the team I must say, we have tons of fun together. And my favorite little brother, Jeff, is our foreman. How lucky am I??? Jeff & I have always been the best of friends. I sincerely feel so blessed for all of my dear, dear friends and family around me. It sure makes for a happier life to live.

Well, I better get my day going... I've had my SXinney Water this morning so I'm ready to go! Have a great day! :)

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